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You can have it all. You just can't have it all at once.你可以拥有统统,只是不克不及一次就全得手。

Early MeiXinMeiFei, no tore heart crack lung.%$早就没心没肺,何来撕心裂肺。

Love the evolution of such failure, leaving only that deep helpless恋爱演化的云云失败,只留下那深深的无法

Don't want to swim and do not want to carry out an order.不想同流合污 又不想奉命独行

我的心因你而笑。You make my heart smile.

you are my Sunshine. 你是我的阳光。

He is the greatest love of my life . 他是我终身中最心爱的人。

He didn't know how much he loved her until he lost her.(直到他得到她他才晓得他有多爱她)

I want to forget you, forget about any of your memory.我想忘记你了,忘记关于你的任何影象。

Love warms more than a thousand fires.恋爱的火热赛过万万团的火。

Nobody could ever replace you 无人可以代替你

You ever far is my fixed lattice (你永久是我的定格.)

Tears are no color of blood.(眼泪是没有颜色的血.)

I Care about you a great deal (我很在乎你)

I can"t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.:)我曾经刻不容缓的想和你共度余生了。

Understand you.懂你

Dear, I do not give up put you to walk.酷爱的,我舍不得放你走。

My hand not forget the temperature of your hand.我的手忘不失你手的温度。英文特性署名

I am standing in front of mood and predicting the next thing will happen to me. 我站在喜怒哀乐眼前阅读我下一个画面。

You are not my lover How to know my deep.【 你非我夫君 怎知我情深。 】

I met mysouimate. she didn‘t我遇到了我的谁人她,她却没有。

The sun is no longer shining, youth because themselves unable to change.芳华的阳光不再明丽,只因本人有力改动。

f you\'re not. I would never abandon.你若不离.我则不弃.

If you remember me, then I don't care if everyone else forgets.假如你能记着我,全天下忘了我又怎样.

Happiness is time precipitation, smile is the lonely sad.幸福是光阴的沉淀,浅笑是寥寂的伤心。

不讨情意绵绵,但求海誓山盟。Love me little and love me long.

Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again. 有了你,我迷失了自我。

To lost in something you love is better than to win in something you hate.宁肯失败在你喜好的事变上,也不要乐成在你所憎恨的事变上。

Do not waste time with regret. 别把工夫都糜费在懊悔上了。

Tears are words the heart can"t say.:)眼泪是内心无法诉说的言辞。

记得小学上了三年英语也只记着了教师通知我们don't face是不要脸的意思。

I’ve finally found that life goes on without you.最初我终于发明,没有你,我的生存照旧还是在转。

After that I only live for myself(当前的当前只为本人活)

If through time, through love 假使看破光阴看破爱

晓得ABCDEFG是什么意思吗 A boy can do everythings for girl(一个男孩可以为一个女孩做任何事变)

And to the whole day through每一分每一秒直到一天完毕

My sky is bright because of you [我的星空因你而亮堂]

Greif sous le soleil, qui peut lire?太阳光下的伤心,谁能读懂?

Smile when it hurts most.最苦楚的时分 请浅笑。

Avec tout le courage de mettre en place le plus brillant sourire.用一切的勇气,撑起最绚烂的愁容。

Just for once I want someone to be afraid of losing Me.我也想有团体会惧怕得到我,哪怕只要一次

As long as you love me.(只需你爱我)

Each youth will be old, but I hope that your memories have been good.

I miss you .but I miss you我缅怀你,但是我错过你了

I love not love you one minute only 60 seconds.我爱的未几 一分钟只爱了你六十秒。

It's lucying to gain and fated to miss. 得之,我幸;不得,我命。

It is good to cry loudly, crying is the symbol of beginning to heal from later可以高声哭就好, 哭是开端康复的意味

Please let me see you to my care请让我看到你对我的在乎

◆◇The sandglass remembers the time we lost。︶ ̄

I pretended to be indifferent to it 我伪装无所谓才看不到心被拧碎

If you can't hold me when I am crying, then you don't deserve to hold me when I am happy.假如你不克不及承受伤心的我,那你也不配拥有高兴的我。

A miss is avoided disappear.有一种缅怀叫避而不见

Must always arrive said that only will then remember the past.:)总是要到说再见,才会想起从前。

A person wants to obtain anything, he must pay anything first.:)一团体要失掉什么,他就必需先支付什么。

Not with me why you pretended to love me long.(不克不及伴我持久你何须伪装深爱我。)

Stepping forward can't finish the distance while going backwards can't get rid of the memory.行进走不完间隔,前进走不出回想。

I'll think of you every step of the way.我会想你,在漫漫长路的每一步。

Thank you, so busy, also come to hurt me.谢谢你,那么忙,还亲身来损伤我。